Saturday, 18 October 2008

Everything is not enough by Bernardine Kennedy


When louise jermaine’s adored father returns to Barbados, she has to grow up fast with little help from her selfish and depressive mother. The confortable home of her best friend offers some sanctuary- until her abusive step-father hurts her so deeply that she vows to escape from her past and never return.

Alone, traumatised and just fifteen years old, she reinvents herself as Angie Kavanagh and begins a new life. Discovering a talent for journalism, she moves to London and works her way up to success as the top interviewer of the rich and famous. Year later, Rebekah Alari, supermodel, It-girl, and spoilt rich kid, is one of the celebrities whose lives she is invited to examine. Rebekah is a young girl with all the advantages Angie lacked, but as their paths cross again and again Angie sees that Rebekah’s life is not as glamorous as she pretends. She, too, is hiding some secret about her past.

Angie seems to have achieved the happiness she has always yearned for, but her life is littered with emotional obstacles from her childhood. She can never revel her true self, even to her love and however hard she tries, she finds it impossible to leave the past behind.

Everything is not enough—is a raw and gripping first novel from an exciting new voice in women’s fiction.

Nice novel. Presenting about three generations – fran- angie –rebekah
I love ‘ angie ‘ the most. Here adore the way she built up her life at fifteen years old to be a successful journalist. Her life is hard since her father left, but she is strong enough to face.

Tony Willmott- drug dealer, Child rapist then not enough
Send ‘the black mail’ again after 20 years
I really hate that kind of bustard. That kind of people is abusing the human society. Thank God, end up his life by car accident. Otherwise, me here ready to kill him.

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