Saturday, 18 October 2008

Gone with the wind


yeah.. wat will i say!!
that is my first-ever post, so really dunno what should i say about.
umm i'm just a girl who love to read blogs..and simply envy others.
so thinking that why shouldn't i do my own.
here da point.. wat should i say and share??
then i got idea..i'm so much love to read the books
That would be the best to share the books i read.
and that could reminds me as well
hope you'l love it !


i could call that novel my first touch of international fiction.
( but not really read in english, just read in burmese and translated by mya than tint.)
still i can remember i read that book on the vacation of my 8th standard.
deeply thanks to my friend, kaythi, who borrowed me that book.

that novel is one of my big favourite books and the girl ' scarlett'- my dream angel, my hero.
her favourite moto become mine.

whenever she face the pains and difficulities, she always said that phrase...
" i won't think that by now
may be tomorrow ..."

yeap.. that heal some of mine as well though..
thanks .. scarlett

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